When you think of business ethics – the first thing that comes to mind is that will following ethical workplace practice affect the bottom line? If you are an employee then the question would be, will this impact my career? Will my sales performance be hit?

Since this is my first post on the topic – I want to just focus on one word: Trust. In the workplace of the future – with everybody competing for more business, and fierce challenges in the face of recessions and depressions – trust will win out over the rest.

If there is trust in you as an individual and if there is trust in your organization you will have credibility that will positively influence your bottom line.

You want to make “gaining the trust of your market, of your competitors” a top priority. You want to play fair – to ensure a level playing field where winners are chosen on merit instead of internal politics, bribes, kickbacks, favors, you name it.

We’ll evaluate case studies, discuss the challenges, and how we can be better trained to perform ethically and morally in our workplaces.