Ethics and Integrity in the workplace need not start in college, in the MBA graduate program or on the job. By giving a future workforce a headstart it will be easier to re-inforce business ethics training later in life with courses and programs.

Parents and Primary care educators can begin with “Lemonade Stand Lessons” – give kids scenarios like, if you had a lemonade stand, and you could only get bad, possibly diseased lemons on a particular day – would you continue to sell lemonade or suffer a day’s loss by closing down the stand and waiting until better quality lemons are available? Just an example – and I’m sure we can expand on it tenfold with better scenarios suited to each age or class group.

I believe such thinking would have a two-fold benefit: the primary one which is making kids better suited for future responsibilities whether they are managing or being managed. The second benefit is that it would encourage innovation and foster entrepreneurship which is a great need if the US plans on staying competitive going forward from 2010.