An Ethics Based Curriculum for Business Schools

As you can tell from the title of this blog – we are fans of an ethic based curriculum before and after schooling. Today we will focus on the specific applications of ethics training in business schools.

If you are looking to get an undergraduate or an MBA degree – hopefully you will take a few ethics classes but my friend Jeff Miller from reports that ethics requirements have been dropping and are the credits that were required previously are no longer required nowadays.

Although the article was written in 2003 – here we are in 2010, seven years later still reeling from the lack or ethics (and common sense) as exotic financial instruments were derived, packaged and sold en masse that would eventually result in the real estate bubble that burst and brought down the economies of the world with it.

I think the article is as relevant today as it was when Jeff wrote it, and I am providing a link to the entire PDF document here: Curriculum Vital: Ethics Courses in Business Schools

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