Business Ethics Courses

There are a number of fine business ethics courses available at renowned universities worldwide.

The faculty at Harvard not only teach elective courses in business ethics, they also hold seminars. As recently as 2004, HBS began offering a full-length ethics course known as “Leadership and Corporate Accountability”. In addition, lectures are held throughout the year that focus on various angles from social enterprise to keeping integrity in today’s profit-at-all-costs culture.

The London Business School (LBE) offers “Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility” as one of its core courses in its prestigious MBA program. LBE has led the way in that it was one of the first top-ranked business schools to offer an ethics component in its curriculum.

MIT – through the Sloan School of Management also offers business ethics courses, and you can even review one of its course assignments through the OpenCourseWare titled: Ethical Practice: Professionalism, Social Responsibility, and the Purpose of the Corporation

If you’re looking for an online business ethics program, then the University of North Carolina, which offers a general course, a course on Corporate Social Responsibility and one on issues in Business Ethics. There are many options overall, some expensive, some are more affordable. Some require you to come to campus, and some can be online. Ultimately, the ideal solution depends on your time commitments and experience needed.

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