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Is Online Ethics Training Right For You and Your Organization?

April 19th, 2010 — 5:12pm

Online Ethics Training makes it so much easier for employees and organizations to take their required courses and fulfill company codes without long trips, hotel costs, time away from families, and much more. The benefits allow companies to get top notch training programs without having to cover the auxiliary costs that seem so much larger in an economic recession. At the same time its an increasing concern because of the rapidly increasing conflicts of interest and deteriorating standards of conduct at the corporate level. Cutting corners on business ethics classes will only result in more problems down the road.

Employees will not know how to differentiate between what is acceptable and not acceptable – especially since the days of everything being crystal clear are gone. The complexities of a global economy bring with it murky waters of what might be standard business practice in one country, but against the law in another.

One way to keep the level of training up without sacrificing the budget, is to have employees sign up for online ethics training. Its really a smart way to get the job done. With Powerpoint presentations, whiteboards, instant communication, and all the technology available – even groups of employees can collaborate and then discuss after-class, the applications of the training classes to their work and their industry. A lot of time and cost is saved this way and everybody is all the more better for it.

Another benefit is that less time is spent on travel (actually there’s no commuting time), so a lot of man hours are saved that would otherwise have been a drain on the company’s resources. You might think that there is just one generic course out there, but the reality is that you can customize the curriculum to suit your organization’s needs. You can provide your own login information, logos, and customize the look and feel of everything from the presentation to the material to the certificate of completion. In the end its the most affordable way of providing the tools your employees need to make better decisions in the corporate workplace.

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