Ethics Practices at Electricity Companies

With the recession in full swing – many companies can do their part to showcase to American consumers their commitment to ethics over profits. There are many ways for corporations to provide benefits to local communities where they have locations or across the States if they have enough reach.

The need of the hour is with the basic necessities: food, electricity, heating and so on. You need food on the table, the lights on, and a comfortably warm living space to make it home. Beyond that if you don’t have a car – you can take public transport. If you can’t afford a phone line – you can get a prepaid cell phone. If you can’t afford new books – the library is there.

Many organizations have been working to provide foodstuffs to low and fixed-income people. Another avenue is providing them with help in paying their electricity bills. I’m aware that many utilities already do offer programs – but they would do well to increase their generosity by allowing more people to participate and offering more rebates and discounts.

Its not only the right thing to do – its a must thing to do. Electricity is a must have – and a need nowadays (who can argue with that?) – for the people that live in urban centers of the world. They need access to electricity to run the heater, and turn the fan on.

Without such programs many elderly and small children can be at risk. Also we should have some concerted effort to provide the ability to compare programs and see which electricity supplier offers the best or the right program for a specific household. One such blog is Electricity Price Comparison which provides tips and ideas on reducing your electricity bill along with information on utility rate changes and average utility costs for business, residential and commercial usage.

By having private corporations focus their non-profit efforts on the things that really matter – they will automatically do a better job of increasing their public awareness, it will be a natural public relations effort, and the country as a whole will be all the more better for it.

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