Here are links to interesting websites that are related to ethics, academics, and/or are beneficial:

Ethics World Lots of info on corporate and public sector governance.

Biz Ethics A blog written by a real businessman who ran a real business: making, restoring, and repairing wood furniture.

Penn Foster Career School
Discover how you can train at home for a rewarding career in your spare time, without attending classes! Penn Foster graduates can take advantage of career services. It’s convenient, affordable, and accredited.

Private School Grants
Imagine if you could attend the university or college of your choice and not have to pay for it. Private School Grants offers tips and ideas for qualifying for thousands of dollars in education grants at the undergraduate and graduate level. Find out how to apply, where to find hundreds of grants, and how to determine which scholarships are right for you.

Accounting Degree College
Bramson ORT College offers degrees in graphic design, business management, accounting, medical assistance, and more.

Student Greenhouse Project at Michigan State
This is a great student-run project, and a very interesting way to get young men and women interested in agriculture and gardening.