Teaching Discipline In Business

Fast paced world, everybody racing for their share, a lot of gray areas – many chances for greed and stupidity to take over. In any organization, there has to be a level of discipline that allows employees from the top-level on down to conduct themselves according to the expected rules. On one end, you want everybody to observe proper ethics when pursuing new business or catering to established clients. On the other end, you want enough positive discipline that an employee feel loyalty to the company, and values the contribution he or she makes to the organization.

One of the challenges of the 21st century onwards will be teaching discipline in business . Current college students and MBA graduates are thinking “free agent” style. With outsourcing and instability, many companies no longer see workers as long term, and employees are starting to develop that ideas as well. This mutual mistrust will displace the discipline in business that is crucial to successful, healthy and profitable ventures.

So here are a few simple ways to change that:
*Companies commit to investing in individuals, by identifying the skilled and talented.
*Offer them more training, quicker promotions – make it clear that this is a merit-based environment.
*Cut down on bureaucracy, company politics, and all the nonsense that makes employees wonder if the company is being fair.

One notable example is SEMCO of Brazil. They’ve developed a culture of trust with their employees which include programs like Retire A Little (allowing employees to take a day or two of extra per week in exchange for work later). Doing away with titles and offices (yes, that really does instill discpline). Making salaries public (so everybody know what everyone else makes). Allow employees to set their own salaries (they have a couple safeguards built in to prevent sheer madness). No wonder corporations from around the world visit their offices to see how they do it. So many tools and real life examples of teaching discipline in business. You just have to take the initiative!

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